I’m So Proud of You and Whatever the Heck You’re Doing

I’ve never actually looked into it, but you’re doing great.

Hey, just thought you could use some encouragement today. I wanted to say I’m very proud of you and everything you’ve been doing lately. It’s so inspiring, to see you chasing your dreams and really trying to make an impact on the world. And I’m sure I’d be even more proud if I actually paid attention to what the dang heck you’re doing.

You’re so prolific, and that’s really admirable. I see all these links on Facebook to things that you’ve made, and even though I’ve never clicked on a single one of them, I think it’s some of your best work yet. I remember that one weekend that you were back home, and I asked you how you were doing. I was so pleased to hear you were “keeping busy” that I never felt the need to actually find out what it is that you’re keeping busy with.

Are you still doing drama? I remember at one point that was something you were super into. How’s that been going? I bet it’s hard. Do you remember that one play that you did in high school with my son? That was so good! You guys were hilarious. Yeah, he just finished business school and is doing really well for himself. Everyone’s got their own path to follow, right? And I’m sure your path will lead you to where you need to go, wherever the heck that is.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and that we’re all really proud of you. I wish I could say what we’re proud of you for, but that would mean being aware of any specific thing that you’ve done or made in the past while. But, you only have so much time to pay attention to so many things these days, am I right? I’m sure you’ll find a good group of people who will give you the support you deserve. And maybe one day I’ll tell myself that at some point I should think about setting some time aside that I might use for considering taking a quick look at your work. Until then, best of luck to you in this transitional phase of life!



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Connor Thiessen

Connor Thiessen

Aspiring Actor, Musician, Comedian, Writer, Functioning Adult.