Where Do You Get Photographer Friends

I don’t know how people manage this, but y’all need to calm down with the spontaneous, professional-quality photo shoots. Like when do you have time to just go into the woods and be attractive? My girlfriend and I are always too busy talking to whatever random slug we’ve found on a stump to even bother documenting the event.

And let me be clear, I went to a Christian liberal arts university in British Columbia, I know a few people who are real good at the picture-clicky business. At no point have any of them thought, “You know who looks amazing from every angle? That funny skinny bearded guy who walks like every English professor in movies. Those are the angles I want to capture.”

And you know what? That’s fine. It’s honestly fine. I’m just baffled that it’s a thing that people just go out and do.




Aspiring Actor, Musician, Comedian, Writer, Functioning Adult.

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Connor Thiessen

Connor Thiessen

Aspiring Actor, Musician, Comedian, Writer, Functioning Adult.

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